Brisbane pre-season 2017

Hello Brisbane,

The grass pollen season hasn't started for Brisbane yet but sheok, gum and cyprus have been in the air. There has also been Alternaria mould spores during last week linked with  heavy rain.

We will start to forecast and distribute the grass pollen and total pollen counts in late November.

If you would like to help us with our research please complete a short pre-season survey before the grass pollen season forecasts start.

 Rocklea pollen Sept Oct 2017


End of season 2016-2017

Hello Brisbanepollen users,

We are at the end of our first season of the daily pollen count service for Brisbane. The service will recommence November 1, 2017.

Compared to previous pollen studies in Brisbane by others (Green et al. Int J Biometeorol 48 (4), 172-178. 2004), this year has had high levels of grass pollen in the air.

Cummulative Grass Pollen in the Air in Brisbane 2016-2017

In addition to grass pollen, the main allergenic type of pollen in the air of Brisbane, mould spores, particularly Alternaria can reach high levels in the air.

Alternaria in the Air in Brisbane 2016-2017



Happy Christmas. We'll resume January 3 2017

Hello BrisbanePollen users,

This is the first year we have provided this pollen counting service for you and we hope its useful.

Brisbane has mainly subtropical grasses and these are producing pollen at high levels now. Be vigilent with your hay fever medications and if you have asthma USE your preventer.

We will continue to collect pollen over Christmas but will start loading information to the App again from January 3 onwards.

The grass pollen season is likely to continue throughout summer so stay tuned next year.

Seasons greetings for BrisbanePollen



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