An Interview with Dr Janet Davies

March 22, 2015

ACEAS’s science communicator Jo Savill spoke with Dr Janet Davies from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Queensland, who is the principal investigator for the ACEAS working group Australian aerobiology to monitor environmental change.

The Aerobiology working group brought together students, scientists and clinicians spanning very diverse fields, from public health and immunology through to ecology, climate science and archaeology, most of whom had never worked together before.

The diversity of the group became their strength, according to the PI, Dr Janet Davies.

“We evolved into a team committed to collecting, collating, formatting and analysing the airborne pollen datasets from Australia and New Zealand. We built a valuable large data resource from which to probe, for the first time ever, different questions regarding pollen aerobiology in Australasia,” said Janet.

Without the assistance of ACEAS, gathering such a diverse group would not have been possible. “ACEAS provided us with the infrastructure and support so we could focus on the research,” said Janet. “It was almost a luxury for many of us to be able to focus on the work disengaged from our other responsibilities."

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