Brisbane grass pollen season kicks in with vengence

Dec. 11, 2017

Hello BrisbanePollen followers,

We started reporting the daily grass pollen counts for this season and providing a grass pollen forecast on December 1, 2017. In subtropical Brisbane, grasses flower for long periods of the year and peak sometime throughout summer.

This year the grass pollen season is starting to peak rapidly. Since December 5 there have been four extreme grass pollen days with counts over 100 grains of grass pollen per cubic metre of air.

People with hay fever and allergic asthma triggered by grass pollen should take care to avoid being outside on high pollen days this week and to take preventative medications.

For information about pollen allergy see the ASCIA patient and carer information sheet and how to manage symptoms read about options for treating hayfever.

If you are new to BrisbanePollen, please assist our research on how the pollen information is useful by filling this short questionnaire.

Take care,

The BrisbanePollen team.

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